Link to Social Media?

As part of this blog assignment for school I was asked to consider linking another part of my online presence to this blog. I do not have a large person presence online as it is and after considering creating some other types of social media accounts I decided not to do so at this time.

I, like most people, do have a personal Facebook account. As a student I find it invaluable because I live away from home and many of my friends are scattered across different cities for the same reason. Facebook helps me to keep in touch with family and friends which is why I decided not to link it to this blog. My Facebook account is very personal and therefore separate from my professional life which this academic blog belongs to. Also, linking to my Facebook would defeat the purpose of using a pseudonym at this time.

I also considered creating a LinkedIn account, which I have been meaning to do anyways. It is a professional profile for professional networking which would have suited for this blog. However, it also conflicted with my desire to remain anonymous until I have developed this bog more.

Finally I considered Twitter. Creating an “Eat, Sleep, MLIS” account would have been useful to direct more traffic to my blog and build my brand. However, in the interests of keeping a relatively low profile until I have become more comfortable with blogging and more advanced in my MLIS degree I decided to put it off for now.


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